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Holta Bimbli

AADF is committed to hire, retain and promote talent throughout the organization’s structure. At AADF, employees have the ability and opportunity to build projects and apply creative problem solving leadership skills that become long, lasting models.


Holta Bimbli
Project Coordinator 

Holta Bimbli has over 6 years of professional experience related to Accounting and Management. Before joining AADF, she worked in the accounting and banking sector. In recent years, Holta held the position of Account Manager of an international construction company located in the Middle East and Europe. Holta holds a Business Economic degree by “Aristotle University of Thessaloniki”. She has also been part of several youth projects, such as Youth in Action Programme by Erasmus+ and AIESEC AUTH.

After working as Office Coordinator for one of the largest AADF’s projects in the field of education, Holta joined AADF as a Project Coordinator in September 2022.