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We will focus on the development of present and future executives, entrepreneurs and leaders through business development projects, training and educational programs. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources to Albanian entrepreneurs so that they can turn their ideas to ventures, maximize their impact and build strong businesses. Successful entrepreneurs are critical to the expansion of an economy because their initiatives lead to innovation, community development and economic growth.


New Vlora


The potential TID in Vlora is located is known as the Justin Godart Building Ensemble. The area is full with historical milestones, not just for the city, but the country as a whole. This intervention aims to bring to light one of the most important historical areas within the city that holds testimony to the city’s past.

The main objective of the project is the “Restoration and urban requalification of the built urban ensemble Justin Godart”, Vlora, in order to increase tourism and in consequence the economic development of the area through restoration, conservation and the rehabilitation of the traditional houses and cultural heritage areas.

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  • Eco-Tourism Destination Albania (Drilon-Tushemisht)

    Eco-Tourism Destination Albania (Drilon-Tushemisht)

    Drilon-Tushemisht is one of the unmatched areas with natural beauties next to Ohrid Lake. In such a small geographic space are nicely included some of the Albanian nature pearls like: Drilon Springs, Ohrid Lake, typical houses from the area, narrow pedestrian paths, picturesque landscapes, which create a wonderful oasis with multiple tourism development opportunities in the area.  Despite the natural wealthy opportunities the zone can offer, its tourism potentials are yet underdeveloped. The main challenge for the zone is the lack of customized touristic models and other commercialization services. To overcome this challenge, AADF is considering working to design project that includes architectural and development plans for the area. This project is to provoke investments that enhance, promote and activate natural resources of protected that have been untapped, or underutilized.

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  • READ Program

    READ Program

    Research Expertise from the Academic Diaspora (READ) Program


    Albanian-American Development Foundation, in coordination with the Institute of International Education, has established the Research Expertise from the Academic Diaspora Fellowship Program (READ). READ Fellowship Program is a 7-year project that will connect Higher Education Institutions in Albania with the Albanian scientific diaspora and their respective academic institutions.

    The READ Fellowship Program is part of AADF’s investment in the education sector, a portfolio which now includes over 30 different projects, and has allocated a budget of $2.75 million to develop a stronger bond between local researchers and the Albanian diaspora.

    Albania is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of international migration, with more than 1.4 million Albanians living abroad and more than 2,500 Ph.D. holders of Albanian origin. This program offers a unique opportunity to address the untapped potential of the Albanian intellectual diasporas in ways that would enhance capacities and bring about structural changes in the Albanian higher education system. The Diaspora Fellowship Program will set up a catalytic model for Fellows and Albanian HEI alike to benefit from creative collaborations. On the one hand, READ will allow diaspora scholars to make a meaningful contribution to Albania. On the other hand, the program will strengthen the capacities of Albanian HEIs by making full use of the valuable skills and experiences of the diaspora.


    READ Fellowship Program has three key objectives:

    sustainability, institutional capacity building and community engagement.

    READ Program will award up to 100 fellowship grants to members of the Albanian academic diaspora and up to 100 research grants to Albanian resident scholars in these four focus areas:

    1. Co-authored research papers published in peer-reviewed journals;
    2. Joint supervisions of PhDs;
    3. New curricula developed and updated;
    4. Co-teaching hours


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  • BID Legislation

    BID Legislation

    BID Legislation – The purpose of the BID Legislation project is to put the BID projects into a statutory and sustainable footing in Albania. The AADF is working closely the Albanian Government, local Municipalities, international partners, and BID Associations in Korca, Shkodra, Berat, Kruja, Tirana in order to improve the legal framework for such initiatives. This project was approved in March 2015 and is expected to be completed in 2016.

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  • Tourism Improvement Districts

    Tourism Improvement Districts

    Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs) strive to increase the number of overnight visitors in a particular area and are the driving force for destination marketing and promotion. TIDs are managed through a non-profit steering association which works with businesses and the local government. These associations are powerful funding tools which help hotels, craft shops, local artisans, and other businesses increase revenues in areas that are turned into local destinations.

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  • Gjirokastra


    TID Gjirokaster – The potential TID in Gjirokaster is located in the Old Bazaar at the heart of the historical part of the city. This project includes the preparation phase of the full restoration design from the Old Bazaar as well as Cerciz Topulli square. The revitalization and commercialization of the historic city center of Gjirokaster will directly impact the development of the communities and businesses in the area. Their quality of life will be directly improved.

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  • Tirana


    The New Bazaar/Avni Rustemi Square area of Tirana is a symbol of traditional urban life of the city, and a destination of commercial value. The area houses more than 15 sites of cultural heritage protected by law, which used to be hidden under rundown facades, obsolete infrastructure, and a generally unappealing commercial space. The New Bazar is nowadays a perfect destination for a natural pedestrian mall and tourism destination, where private businesses and public representation are being formed under the TID/BID model. The AADF partnered with the Government of Albania (Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Urban Development), Municipality of Tirana and the local business community to revitalize the New Bazaar/Avni Rustemi Square of Tirana. The bazaar has become one of the main tourist attractions of the capital. The restauration portion was completed by March 2017. The Foundation is also supporting businesses operating in the area with advisory services as well as small grants in order to improve their efficiency and make the best use of the new opportunities. TID Tirana, the businesses association which oversees the daily management of the area, is founded in March 2017 in partnership with the Municipality of Tirana and local businesses.

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  • Korca


    The Old Bazaar of Korça is an ensemble of trade, craft, and residential buildings with urban-architectural and artistic values that dates back to the 19th century. The collection of buildings is a testimony to the existence of craftsmen and tradesmen who at that time had a deep influence on the economic and social life of the country. The AADF has partnered with the Government of Albania, Municipality of Korça and the local business community to revitalize the Old Bazaar of Korça. The bazaar has become one of the main tourist attractions of the city, a must-see experience. AADF restauration portion was completed by October 2015. The Foundation is also supporting businesses operating in the area with advisory services as well as small grants in order to improve their efficiency and make the best use of the new opportunities which are being created. A businesses association named TID Korça, was founded in coordination with the Municipality of Korca and businesses in the area on March 2017. The association is leading and overseeing the daily management of the area.

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  • Kruja


    The AADF chose the city of Kruja, the most visited city in Albania for the establishment of the first TID in order to help promote tourism and to ensure preservation of cultural heritage resources. The project will focus on the the restoration of the buildings in the Old Bazaar including roofs, facades, lighting and signage, underground works and improvement of cobblestones. The AADF will provide advisory services and grants to businesses operating in the area as well as institutional support. A TID association has already been created by the AADF, Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Kruja and business owners from the Bazaar. Its objectives will be to promote as well as manage the TID area. Promotional activities will also be carried out for locally produced foods and other goods in and around the city.

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  • Business Improvement Districts

    Business Improvement Districts

    A Business Improvement District (BID) is a public-private partnership in which a publicly supported, privately managed organization is created to improve the physical environment and enhance public services and investments in a geographically distinct urban, commercial neighborhood. The primary purpose of the district is to create improved economic opportunities, security, and a business climate among BID members. Successful BIDs go beyond addressing just infrastructure repairs and maintenance, they also create a community, increase security, lead to increased business activity and increase property values. Effective BIDs can revitalize city centers and can make them more attractive to tourists. The AADF has assisted the business community and the respective municipalities in the creation of the BID associations and has provided grants and advisory services to businesses in the BID zone.

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  • Berat


    The AADF began implementing Berat BID in partnership with the Municipality of Berat along Republika Boulevard and Teodor Muzaka Square in October of 2013. The new BID zone will include a Visitor Center which will provide information for tourists on a variety of sites like the Berat Castle, Mangalem, Gorica, Osum Canyons and Tomori Mountain. The four components of the project are infrastructure enhancement, entrepreneurship and business development, creation of the business association and cultural and eco-tourism improvement. Infrastructure work was completed in October 2014.

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  • Korca


    The BID Korça project implementation, in partnership with the Municipality of Korça, began in January 2012 along Shën Gjergji Boulevard. The infrastructure improvement included the renovation of the Boulevard and the unification of the Mapo Building, one of the largest buildings in the area. On May 2012 the AADF, in coordination with the Municipality of Korça and the businesses of the area, founded the business association BID Korça. A BID management model has successfully led the way toward a new dimension of this community. The BID area, also known as the Pedestrian zone of Korça, has become a gathering point for tourists and citizens. It now hosts the new offices of the Municipality, 3 museums and more than 75 various businesses. Popular public activities take place periodically in the area, including musical performances, the Korca carnival, and the well-known end of year event Light Fest, a brand of BID Korca.

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  • Shkodra


    BID Shkodra project “broke the ground” and introduced in Albania an innovative model of public space management. The AADF imported and implemented the BID model for the first time in the beautiful city of Shkodra. In partnership with the Municipality of Shkodra, the infrastructural intervention transformed November 28th and December 13th Streets into the first and only pedestrian area of the town. Since 2012 the BID Association and the Municipality collaborate to ensure a premium level of services for the area. BID Shkodra host events like Flowers Day, Carnival Fest or “Shënd e Verë Dritash” which have become a tradition through the BID Model. The AADF also sponsored the expansion of the annex for the Children’s Cultural Center which caters to youth with exceptional talent in the arts. The BID zone, enlarged in 2016 with “Kol Idromeno” street that includes Marubi Museum, is by far the most visited and photographed spot of Shkodra by both foreign tourists and locals.

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  • Protik ICT Resource Center

    Protik ICT Resource Center

    Protik is an independent, not-for-profit Information Communication Technology (ICT) center whose primary objectives are to increase the demand and use of ICT and assist in market growth, strengthen human and institutional capacity, increase cooperation between the private sector, educational institutions, and the government, provide ICT entrepreneurs with access to modern technology and know-how, and serve as an information and networking hub.  The center was established by the AADF in partnership with USAID, the Government of Albania, Microsoft, Albanian ICT Association, Cisco Systems and ALBtelecom.

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  • Crimson Finance Fund Albania

    Crimson Finance Fund Albania

    The AADF in partnership with Norfund, Crimson Capital Corp and the Municipality of Tirana, established Crimson Finance Fund Albania, a non-banking financial institution which will provide developmental financing for micro, small and medium-sized businesses. CFF Albania is designed to improve access to finance for under-served small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs, innovators, women-owned businesses and farmers in Albania in order to catalyze business growth and job creation.

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