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Chairman Granoff launched the TOEFL Junior® test pilot project

On 6th of June, at 10:00 am, The Albanian American Development Foundation launched the TOEFL Junior® test pilot project in premises of K12 School Petro Nini Luarasi, in Tirana. The project is financially supported by AADF, implemented by Educational Testing Service (ETS) Global, which is the trademark ofTOEFL Junior® test and Ministry of Education and Sports.

Mr. Michael Granoff, Chairman of AADF Board, Mrs. Lindita Nikolla, Minister of Education and Sports and Mr. Karol Granoszewski, ETS Regional Director, informed the audience about the inter institutional cooperation with common goal to introduce internationally recognized standard of English language test in State Matura 2016.  The project will be piloted during 2015-2016 academic year and includes teacher testing and training pedagogical skills and language proficiency, a white paper report that will interpret testing results, curricula review components and improvement. The pilot project will test 11,000 K12 senior students out of 40,000 students, which have selected English language B2 level as their elective State Matura exam. The test is for free for students. Already 1200 teachers are pre-tested and trained with new method and entire examination process is accredited and certified by ETS Global. 120,000 students will benefit from teacher qualification and framework curricula in english. ETS Global accredits and certifies TOEFL Junior® test by ensuring implementation standards and quality assurance of the test, curricula improvement and pre-testing and teachers’ training. The financial contribution of AADF is 250,000 $ by covering the test costs for K12 students who benefit it for free. Ministry of Education and Sports is the key partner for expansion of TOEFL Junior® in K12 education system.