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Legal Reform In Cultural Heritage

The Legal Reform in Cultural Heritage project will strengthen the authority of cultural sites to better oversee operations and control the integrity of these sites. From a strategic viewpoint, the project aims to present a new legal framework that will empower site administration to look after operations more efficiently. AADF is providing the necessary legal assistance to finalize the law and pass Parliament by 2015.

This project was initiated to provide an independent management of Butrint National Park as a stand-alone site. The new law combines the advantages of running the site as a private enterprise, and at the same time maintaining its public interest intact. The model introduced through the legal reform will make the Park institutionally and financially independent, and thus help overcome its current struggles.

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  • 05.17.2018

    Approval of Law 27/2018 “On Cultural Heritage and Museums”

    On May 17, 2018, the Parliament approved the new law on cultural heritage and museums. In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture since 2014, AADF has assisted and funded the drafting of this law by engaging professional field experts. Referring to the best models in Europe, the new law aims to empower cultural institutions across the country. This initiative is the result of the support that AADF provides for the sustainable development of cultural heritage sites and tourism in Albania.

  • 07.18.2016

    Agreement between the AADF and the Ministry of Culture on the new cultural heritage law.

    Agreement between the AADF and the Ministry of Culture on the new cultural heritage law.

    Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro and AADF Co-CEO Martin Mata signed today an agreement, which will provide legal and financial assistance for the completion of the new heritage law.  This step follows up on earlier commitment of AADF on this very important aspect to guarantee sustainable development for the heritage sites of Albania. Mrs. Kumbaro and Mr. Mata stressed the importance of this process and the need to finalize it in due time.
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