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Drilon-Tushemisht Waterscape Park Project Presentation and Consultation with Local Communities & Local Authorities

On July 23rd, 2019, AADF and PROAP, the Portuguese architectural studio hired to design the Drilon-Tushemisht Waterscape Park Project, gave a presentation of the concept design in Drilon to the project affected communities. The architects showed and explained how the project has been developed from the competition phase until today and what are the plans for the future. The participants showed a great interest, asking questions and made comments, which received explanatory feedback by the architects. The public hearings and community consultation process is important for the finalization of the detailed architectural design and masterplan for this area of national importance. The business and local communities in Drilon-Tushemisht area are welcoming this project which supports the sustainable tourism development in such a challenge area.