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Junior Achievement: children of today, entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Tiranë, July 3rd, 2016 – Junior Achievement Albania delivered the presentation on “Junior Achievement: children of today, entrepreneurs of tomorrow”, with the participation of Mr. Michael Granoff, Chairman of the board of Trustees of AADF, Mrs. Lindita Nikolla, Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs. Adela Karapici, Vice Minister of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship, and was moderated by Mrs. Suela Bala, Executive Director of JA Albania.
The presentation focused on the implementation of the education program for entrepreneurship in the basic education system nationwide, a breakthrough in the history of Junior Achievement in Europe and wider.
This academic year (2015-2016), Junior Achievement is extended in more than 170 high schools and simultaneously covers all the basic education system (K-9), targeting 110,000 children and students. With this scale of growth, Junior Achievement in Albania aims to influence the life of many Albanian youth, bringing them closer to the job market reality and cultivating in them the entrepreneurship spirit and skills, which will result in positive impact not only for the quality of the future professionals but also in the economic development of our country.