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Leader for a Day 2016

Junior Achievement (JA) of Albania is a program implemented in high schools (general and vocational) sponsored by the AADF. “Leader for a Day” is an initiative of JA and aims to cultivate a new generation of leaders.  Agna Group and Intesa San Paolo Bank sponsored the “Leader for a Day” ceremony for the fourth year in a row. Stakeholders of JA also include the Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth.

Mr. Martin Mata, co-CEO AADF and Chairman of the Board of Junior Achievement, delivered an opening speech by thanking all participants and expressing the commitment of AADF to support JA for the sustainable development of the country. JA Albania is implemented in 170 secondary schools, being taught by over 200 teachers and reaching 12,000 Albanian students.

The ceremony was opened by Ms. Suela Bala, CEO of JA and Deputy Minister Ms. Nora Malaj, Deputy Minister, Ms. Adela Karapicim, the Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Erion Veliaj and representatives of Agna Group.   “Leader for a Day” Forty-five new high school graduates experienced a unique day by attending a typical day of work with executives, and dignitaries in the public sector as well as with prominent representatives of the business community in Albania. Over forty-five institutions in the public and private sector participated, 35 of which are strong businesses operating in Albania. Students accompanied the executives and dignitaries to learn more about the roles, functions, and responsibilities of a leader. Students were engaged in various working activities by the host and were given the opportunity to experience the commitments of being a leader and a decision-maker.