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Public Presentation of Schematic Architectural Design of the Pyramid of Tirana

On 25 April, within the framework of the project “Enhancing Digital Literacy in Albania” was introduced the Architectural Plan of the Pyramid of Tirana at the Center for Openness and Dialogue (COD). Present at the event were representatives from AADF, Mr. Michael Granoff, Chairman of the Board and Co-CEOs Mr. Martin Mata and Mr. Aleksandër Sarapuli, Mayor of Tirana Mr. Erion Veliaj, Prime Minister of Albania Mr. Edi Rama, architect and the founder of the Rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV, Mr. Winy Maas. The event was opened with the introduction of the Schematic Project of the Pyramid of Tirana by Winy Maas where architectural elements were presented in accordance with the main function of the pyramid as a center with access to creative activities and technology for young people and open to the public.Mr. Michael Granoff, appreciated the cooperation with the Albanian government and with the Municipality of Tirana, creating a unique opportunity for the Albanian youth. He expressed confidence that, like previous projects, this new investment will be a success story.He said: “We have been able to create such successful projects. We know what needs to be done to bring revolutionary changes, to meet people’s aspirations. We want to turn it not only as an element of all Albanians, but for the next generation as well. I am convinced that when we meet in the coming months, we will deliver Albanians something that will be truly revolutionary, not only to reach their aspirations but also to compete in the world”In his speech, Mr. Erion Veliaj stressed that the launch of this project is the beginning of realizing a dream for all Albanian youth. The Prime Minister in his greeting speech mentioned that the Pyramid of Tirana will become a reference point towards the new digital world by building an example that has a global impact on the approach of young people to this world, adapted from the well-known and successful model of Tumos in Armenia and Paris. Through this project funded by AADF, the goal is to bring sustainable models in the field of arts, culture and technology, proposing the TUMO Tirana Model. The latest concepts of information technology combine creative abilities with working independently.

This model raises competitiveness among young people with employment opportunities in these areas that make up today the world development trend.