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Summer Day in Gjirokaster

A festive and colorful atmosphere in the old Bazaar of Gjirokastra! Hundreds of citizens celebrated the Summer Day on the cobble stone streets of the Bazaar. Children games and dances, concert with well-known Albanian band and DJ party created a great and cheerful atmosphere for children, parents and youth. The celebrations in the Bazaar complemented the traditional festive event organized in the touristic park of Viro, by the Municipality. The event in the Bazaar was organized by the business association TID Gjirokastra, sponsored by AADF and with the support of Gjirokastra Municipality. While the restoration works, an important component of TID Gjirokastra project, are getting to the finish, the TID Association has already started its work for the revitalization of the old Bazaar. This is only the beginning of the soft interventions with the aim of the socio-economic transformation of the old Bazaar of Gjirokastra.