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The “Entrepreneurship” textbook in the lecture halls of the University of Tirana

As part of the CleanScore project AADF presented the newest “Entrepreneurship” textbook translated from the English version published by Pearson publishing company. The book translation finished recently and it was presented for the first time to the third-year Bachelor students at the Faculty of Economics of University of Tirana. These students will use the book in the fall semester of the academic year 2018-2019. The novelties of the book were explained by the professor of the respective subject, and the first impressions from the students were very positive since many of them had already started the academic year with the new book in their hands. This event format will be held to present the book in each university and faculty where the book will be applied. This book translation practice is followed by other textbooks which are already under the translation, such as: “Personal Finance”, “Financial Accounting” and “International Business”.