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CleanScore Expansion – Round Table with the Rectors of Public Universities in Albania

On 26th of April the AADF organized a round table with the presence of Mr. Michael Granoff, Chairman of the Board of AADF, representatives of the ministry of education and Rectors of Public Universities in Albania where it presented the CleanScore Expansion project plan 2019 – 2024. The participants expressed their interest in continuing the collaboration with AADF in the implementation of CleanScore in their institutions. It was a shared belief that by working together we can achieve more than each of us can do alone. CleanScore expansion project is a unique opportunity to spread nationwide in universities all over Albania. CleanScore pilot has showed that when integrity, transparency, quality and efficiency are applied in student assessments, a magnitude of positive tangible and intangible occurrences happen. From enhanced student trust, normalization of grade distribution, reduction of grading time to overall non-partisan assessment, CleanScore has the foresight to become an indispensable tool to the system. CleanScore has challenged the status quo and surpassed the expectations. Over 41,000 tests have been scored using the CleanScore technology and methodology in 4 higher education institutions. The first translated international textbook “Entrepreneurship” from Pearson was published in 2018 and 3 more will be published this year. Through the expansion CleanScore will operate 14 offices nationwide that will cover test scoring for 85% of students in higher education in Albania. 10 new international textbooks in the fields of economics and education will be translated and published in the next years. CleanScore will build and operate the first Digital eBook Platform in Albanian academia that aims to increase student’s accessibility to textbooks, reduce book costs for students and also minimize the photocopying phenomena. Total AADF’s investment for the implementation of the CleanScore expansion project in the years 2019 – 2024 is $ 2,7 million.