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The potential TID in Vlora is located is known as the Justin Godart Building Ensemble. The area is full with historical milestones, not just for the city, but the country as a whole. This intervention aims to bring to light one of the most important historical areas within the city that holds testimony to the city’s past.

The main objective of the project is the “Restoration and urban requalification of the built urban ensemble Justin Godart”, Vlora, in order to increase tourism and in consequence the economic development of the area through restoration, conservation and the rehabilitation of the traditional houses and cultural heritage areas.

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  • 03.03.2017

    TID Vlora

    TID Vlora
    Discussing with the design studio on the first draft of the project of restoration and urban requalification of the historic center of Vlora.
  • 02.10.2017

    Meeting and site visit in TID Vlora

    Meeting and site visit in TID Vlora

    On 26 January 2017, a joint working meeting was organized in the Municipality of Vlora, about the design of the architectural project “Restoration and Urban Requalification of Vlora Historic Center”, financed by AADF. Representatives from Municipality of Vlora, design studio “Atelier 4″, DRKK Vlora and AADF, discussed all issues that had been encountered during the land survey plan of the design studio such as: the inability to access all facilities, the way in which will be dealt new facilities outside the typology of the historic area buildings, the proposals on the functions of the units and the revitalization of the area after the intervention in infrastructure.

    Mayor Dritan Leli joined us during the site visit. He expressed the support of the Municipality of Vlora to return into identity the area in view of the urban rehabilitation and architectural of the historic center that will be proposed by the design group.

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