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Butrint Integrated Management Plan

Butrint Integrated Management Plan is first of its kind to be undertaken by the AADF in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture within the framework of the new law in culture heritage and museums. It will conform to UNESCO terms and will provide fresh and innovative perspectives with tangible and measurable framework for the sustainability of the site. In long terms, the project aims to offer a new approach to heritage sites in the country by addressing issues relating to years of neglect, lack of adequate finances, sustainable conservation, increasing tourism, local capacity building and community outreach.

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  • 10.08.2018

    Meeting with stakeholders in Saranda for the Butrint National Park management plan

    Meeting with stakeholders in Saranda for the Butrint National Park management plan

    On 6th and 7th October 2018 in the premises of the Saranda City Council and Butrint Nation Park, the AADF organized a meeting with local stakeholders and the company that is drafting the Butrint integrated management plan. The meeting was attended by the director of the Port of Saranda, the Director of Protected Areas-the branch of Vlora, the Secretary General of the Saranda Municipal Council, the County Archaeologist, the Director of Saranda Firefighter, responsible for the aquaculture and agriculture-Directory of Saranda, representatives of communities around the park, local tourist agencies etc. During the meeting, thoughts were gathered from all participants who engaged in a comprehensive analysis of current situation and future possibilities in the park. Eventually, all meeting result and feedback will be considered by the company while drafting the new integrated park management plan. This meeting was funded by the AADF and was organized in cooperation with the Butrint National Park.

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