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Enhancing Digital Literacy in Albania

The establishment of a creative technology center stems as an initiative in AADF’s education strategy. AADF foresees a bottom-up approach in ICT as effective in enhancing digital literacy in Albania. The main idea is to promote and create a place for Albanian teenagers to explore an innovative path and diversify their future skills. Beneficiaries will be able to create their own personalized learning plans utilizing a virtual environment designed to facilitate the multifaceted curriculum. AADF will consider designing a space that will allow creations and their exhibition. The proposed project intends to revitalize one of the main premises in Tirana through an architectural and business plan while guaranteeing leveraged partnerships between local, central government and other potential donors.

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  • 03.27.2018

    MoU Signing for the Project of Pyramid Revitalization

    MoU Signing for the Project of Pyramid Revitalization

    As part of the “Enhancing Digital Literacy in Albania” Project, the Memorandum of Understanding for the Tirana Pyramid Revitalization Project was signed between the Albanian American Development Foundation (AADF), represented by Mr. Aleksander Sarapuli and Mr. Martin Mata, and the Municipality of Tirana, represented by Mr. Erion Veliaj. In AADF’s approach, strong partnership, dedication and successful implementation of major projects with all collaborators at central or local level play a significant role. The partnership with the Municipality of Tirana, as a key factor for a long-term relationship, is now supported by AADF with the funding for the architectural project and business plan needed for the revitalization of the Pyramid, promoting it as a model the creation of the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. The Center will promote digital education, information technology culture in the arts, and create challenging spaces for young people in Albania.

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