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CleanScore launching new project

Albanian American-Development Foundation represented by Mr. Michael Granoff, Chairman of the Board, Ministry of Education and Sports represented by Mrs. Lindita Nikolla, Minister, the Rector’s Office at the University of Tirana, represented by Mr. Mynyr Koni, Rector, and the European University of Tirana, represented by Mr. Adrian Civici, President of UET, signed a Memorandum of Understanding marking the launch of CleanScore, a project introducing digital testing center solutions that helps improve transparency in student evaluation; as well as improve teaching quality by substituting current local textbooks with international versions. This project, funded by AADF with a total value of $400,000, will run for 2.5 years and will be piloted with one public and one private university. During project implementation, 10 new books of international standards will be translated and adopted for Albanian context, 15 subjects will be tested through their own electron test banks using CleanScore technology and at least 2000 students will participate in digital exam scoring.