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CleanScore Progress: Closing of the exams season for Feb – Mar 2018

AADF in cooperation with MESY, UT and UET continues the implementation of CleanScore project of automated exam correction and replacement of university textbooks with international texts. During the February-March 2018 exam season 7,200 tests were scored through CleanScore, allowing the students to get their results at a very fast time. Automated correction guarantees a transparent and uniform assessment for all students avoiding possible human errors. Since the start of the project in June 2016, over 20,000 tests have been passed through CleanScore, which also represent a large amount of work that was needed before to correct them by professors. At the same time work has continued on the translation of books, where work for “Entrepreneurship” book is ending, and it is progressing for books as “Personal Finances”, “Financial Accounting” and “International Business”, which are prestigious publications from Pearson and McGraw -Hill. Through the CleanScore project we have been able to provide access to the didactic auxiliary materials as well as the question banks to the professors using some international textbooks already published in Albanian, thus supporting the enhancement of testing quality.