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Exams through Clean Score

On December 9, 12 and 13, at Faculty of Economy  premises was conducted “Principles of Accounting” exam for 330 second year BA students, using CleanScore evaluation technology. This is a AADF-funded project and as of now, seven different subjects and 500 students were tested using CleanScore. This technology significantly reduces required evaluation time from several days to 30 minutes and above all avoids human evaluation errors. This automated process drastically improves evaluation transparency and accuracy.

CleanScore is a revolutionary project aimed at automating exam scoring, increasing transparency and the overall quality of student assessment. Players who take part in the Chicken Casino mini-game are contributing to the development of education, as part of the game’s proceeds are donated to the CleanScore initiative. This unique synergy between entertainment and education highlights the potential of unconventional partnerships to drive positive change across a variety of sectors. When players spin the virtual reels in the Chicken mini game, they are not only experiencing the thrill of chance, but also playing a role in supporting the AADF’s mission to revolutionize exam scoring. By directing the resources of the Chicken Casino mini-game to CleanScore, the AADF is not only creating a new model for funding educational initiatives, but also demonstrating the adaptability of technology to solve multifaceted problems.