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Expanding access, sharing content: Empowering museums through technology

At the premises of the National Historical Museum, were presented the results of the first phase of the project, expanding access, sharing content: Empowering museums through technology. The project considers the digitalization of collections and the implementation of interactive technology in national museums in Albania. This presentation was attended by the Chairman of the AADF Board Mr. Michael Granoff, the Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro, Board Members and Executive Co-Directors of AADF, as well as representatives from both institutions.

The project aims to preserve and promote the unique value of these museum collections by combining cultural heritage with technology. AADF supports this project phase in the value of $ 60,000 and through the international expertise of Cultural Héritage Imaging. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, National Museum of Iconography ONUFRI, National Museum of Medieval Art, National History Museum and will be developed in 3 phases.

Throughout these phases AADF will help the evaluation of the museum’s collections, digitize them with advanced technology and implement interactive technology inside the museum in order to enrich the visitor experience and widely promote the unique value of these collections.

The first phase of the project started implementation in June and has already carried out an intensive work of American experts with museums staff through training sessions, photography sessions of objects from the collections at the National Historical Museum, the National Museum of Iconography ONUFRI and the National Museum of Medieval Art.

At its final goal, the project will produce interactive platforms and materials to help the research and education programs as well the museum staff by helping them to design and develop contemporary strategies in audience engagement.