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Field Visit – WPD Competition 2nd Phase for preparation of detailed plan and architectonic design for the area Drilon-Tushemisht

Aleksander Sarapuli, AADF Co-CEO, together with representatives from the five companies shortlisted for the second phase of WPD Competition participated in the site-visit on July 6. In this phase the short-listed companies will compete through their work for preparation of the detailed plan and architectonic design for the area of national importance Drilon-Tushemisht. The 2nd phase short-listed companies are among the best European companies, with outstanding experience in design of projects implemented in areas similar to Drilon-Tushemisht.

The architects of Grimshaw (UK), Archea (Italy), ProAp (Portugal), Mario Cucinella Architects (Italy), and AKA Studio (Italy), together with their local partners and accompanied by the staff of AADF, Pogradec Municipality and National Territorial Planning Agency had the chance to explore the area and discuss about the project expectation of AADF and its partners from local and central government.

The competition 2nd Phase where the project ideas will be presented by all short-listed candidates will end in September 2018, with the winner project announcement.