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Forum BID & TID – Changemakers

On Tuesday September 27th, AADF organized the BID & TID Changemakers Forum. The objective of this forum was to promote AADF’s intervention by enhancing public services and investments in geographically distinct urban and commercial neighborhoods.

The AADF Board Chairman Mr. Michael Granoff, started with opening remarks by emphasizing the importance of sustainable model creation through strong partnerships with the Local and Center Government. The panelists where Mr. Niko Peleshi, the Deputy Prime Minister of Albania, as one of the strongest supporters of this initiative, Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro, the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Eglantina Gjermeni, the Minister of Urban Development, Mrs. Voltana Ademi, the Mayor of Shkodra, Mrs. Mimosa Kame, the BID Korca Association Chairwoman, and the Means Director Mr. Peter Williams.

AADF supports the local businesses by creating business associations that serve as a financial grant institution and offer free business consultancy services.

The Foundation is also part of the European BID Network.