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Inauguration of electronic tickets in 6 most visited cultural heritage sites in Albania

The Electronic Tickets project for the 6 most visited heritage sites in the country was inaugurated today in the premises of the Ministry of Culture, which was attended by the Chairman of the Board of AADF Mr. Michael D. Granoff, the Minister of Culture Ms. Mirela Kumbaro, Board Members and Executive Co-Directors of AADF, as well as representatives from both institutions.

The project cost is US $ 512,500 and was funded by the Albanian American Development Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and its subordinate institutions. The project, which started in 2014, is now in operation: in the Castle of Berat; National Iconography Museum “Onufri” Berat; National Museum “Skanderbeg” and Ethnographic Museum in Kruja; the Castle of Gjirokastra and the Archaeological Park, Apolonia. Earlier, electronic bills were installed from the AADF at Butrint National Park and at the National Historical Museum.

The main purpose of the project is to increase transparency in collecting revenue from ticket sales in cultural heritage sites and strengthening the capacity of their local staff.

Tickets are linked to a central server located in the Ministry of Culture where every ticket sale is recorded in real time. All this process is overseen by a camera system that is linked to a monitoring unit at the Ministry of Culture. For the most accurate operation of the equipment, all the staffs of the local institutions involved in ticket sales were trained by the company that implemented the project. The project provides 3-year technical support by 2020 and can be potentially expanded to other heritage sites in the country.