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LEAD Albania 2017: Workshop on “Public Administration and the Role of Advisors”, 23 – 29 October 2016

In the framework of the education component, LEAD Albania Fellows of 2017, participated in the workshop on “Introduction to Public Administration and the Role of the Advisors” that was organized by the AADF in cooperation with Futuré Center, Dardhë, Korça, from October 23rd until 29th 2016. The Fellows acquired knowledge on the legal basis, organization and functioning of the Albanian public administration, communication, negotiation, event management and time management, as well as on diplomatic protocol and business etiquette. The training aimed to develop participants’ knowledge and skills on public administration and the role of advisers, and it was delivered through theoretical sessions and interactive exercises. The workshop also served as a teambuilding activity for the Fellows. During this period, the Fellows also visited the Korça Bazaar.