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LEAD Albania Alumni Program, “Justice System Reform and Social Justice” event

In the framework of the World Day of Social Justice, LEAD Albania Alumni organized the “Justice System Reform and Social Justice” event, which was supported by the Ministry of Justice. Invitees included Minister of Justice, Ylli Manjani; US Deputy Ambassador, Mr. David Muniz, AADF Co-CEO, Mr. Aleksander Sarapuli, LEAD Albania fellows and alumni, supporters of LEAD Albania, as well as other experts from the legal field and academia.

During his speech, Deputy US Ambassador, Mr. Muniz congratulated the AADF for the creation of the “LEAD Albania” program- a development initiative for leadership experience in Albania and praised the Albania LEAD Alumni participants for this activity, encouraging them to continue to contribute to judicial reform, so that the latter is implemented accordingly. Minister Manjani also thanked the alumni for the initiative and thanked AADF for their in the selection of such professionals, who are making an important contribution to public institutions and Albanian society. Minister Manjani said he was willing to support LEAD Albania in all future endeavors.

Members of the LEAD Albania alumni moderated the event and spoke about various issues related to judicial reform, as well as the importance of a code for minors, quality and enforcement of legislation to strengthen the rule of law, administration of justice and social justice, the principles of social justice and implementation and read a quote from President George Washington.

The LEAD Albania program is an AADF initiative for the development of leadership in Albania, which supports the development and strengthening of the Alumni Network.