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Meeting of the working group on the restoration of the Historic Center of Vlora

Tens of committed experts continue to work on the restoration of the Vlora Historic Center, part of the TID Vlora Project financed by the Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) in cooperation with the Vlora Municipality and the Albanian Government. During today’s meeting of the TID Vlora working group, various issues were discussed aiming at accelerating the work and better coordination of all stakeholders for the most effective implementation of the project. The meeting was attended by the AADF Co-CEOs, Mr. Martin Mata and Mr. Aleksander Sarapuli, the Mayor of Vlora Mr. Dritan Leli, consultants and experts from these institutions, the design studio Atelier 4 and the construction company AlbStar. The meeting was followed by a visit to the construction site where engineers and architects explained some of the challenges of the restoration process happening in many buildings on Justin Godard’s street. The parties agreed to set up a parallel construction site on the Jewish street, besides that on the Justin Godard street. The works for the rehabilitation of the Vlora Historic Center have started in late 2017. The TID Vlora project, which includes infrastructure works, continues with the consolidation of the TID Vlora association and the implementation of activities to help the businesses in this area.