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Meetings and working progress in TID Gjirokaster

In the frame of the progress of works in “Qafa e Pazarit” Gjirokastra was held a joint working meeting on 25 January 2017 with representatives of the design studio “Dea Studio”, the contractor “Leon Konstruksion Ltd”, the Institute of Monuments of Culture and AADF. The meeting focused on solving various problems encountered during implementation of the project for Lot 1, which is being financed by AADF. The work started again after a stop period of about two weeks as a result of very low temperatures, snow and frost. Currently work continues with Block 7, Block 6 and Block 3. Mainly the work is focused with roofs, with cleaning the internal parts of the buildings as well as reinforcements of walls in facade.

After we had a meeting at the Municipality of Gjirokastra where we discussed the creation of the association TID, the calculation of taxes and fees that exceed the area TID, closing of businesses in Block 7 for at least 30 days, because they have to work with reinforcement of walls, making “Qafa e Pazarit” with one-way street to ease the progress of works etc.