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Open Lecture by Michael Granoff and students of Faculty of Economy

The AADF and the Faculty of Economy of the University of Tirana hosted an Open Lecture for Undergraduate and Graduate students. AADF Chairman Mr. Michael Granoff spoke about the beginning of the Albanian-American Enterprise Fund and the impact it has had on the Albanian economy. He also discussed the establishment of the foundation and the areas where the foundation operates. He addressed impact and the criteria used to measure success (i.e. touching as many people as possible and improving the leadership of the country).

Mr. Granoff stressed that to achieve success and to remain successful all organizations that operate in dynamic environments should embrace change and innovation, while remaining loyal to the core values ​​of their mission. He highlighted the importance of education and used the education system in the U.S.A. as an example since American students have the freedom and are encouraged to explore different fields before deciding what profession they want to pursue. Finally, Mr. Granoff said that Albania’s leaders should think of the country as a company that competes in the market for foreign investments and for tourists in order to achieve success. At the end of the lecture, a Q&A was held and students were able to directly ask Mr. Granoff questions.