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  • 10.13.2017

    AADF Board Chairman Michael Granoff Interview on “Përballë”, RTSH1, with journalist Lutfi Dervishi

  • 05.15.2017

    AADF staff retreat, Sorrento, Italy

    AADF staff retreat, Sorrento, Italy

    AADF staff retreat focused on working culture and team building. Combined with visits at sites of cultural, historical and tourism management models, this year’s retreat was one of the best in terms of teamwork, spirit and positive energy.

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  • 10.03.2016

    AADF Board Chairman Michael Granoff Interview on “Tonight Ilva Tare”, TV Ora News , Albania

  • 09.28.2016

    Round table discussion with Ministry of Culture

    Round table discussion with Ministry of Culture

    The round table discussion between the AADF’s Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Culture was held on Wednesday September 28th. After the short presentation made by  the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Kumbaro and  her staff, the discussions were focused on new possible future collaborations between the two institutions. Considering the ongoing projects in cultural heritage such as: the new law on cultural heritage and other infrastructural interventions in historic centers, the AADF’s Board of Trustees highlighted the need for a proactive approach and productive collaborations in terms of sustainable development models regarding cultural heritage in Albania.

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  • 06.15.2016





    This call is open to all the young cultural professionals in Albania which want to develop their entrepreneurship skills, knowledge and network in order to start up creative enterprises in the cultural sector.

    Project background

    Culture Corps - Young cultural innovators driving change is a new initiative of the AADF which aims to strengthen the cultural sector and to expand the possibilities for innovation and change through the power of creativity. AADF will provide young artists, managers, architects, urban planners and other creative entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate at the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators.  

    About YCI

    The Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators (YCI) is a 10 year project launched by Salzburg Global Seminar to engage 50 of the world’s most dynamic young cultural innovators every year.  These innovators join Salzburg for 10 “culture hubs” in 6 regions of the world to experience an opportunity in developing the vision, entrepreneurial skills, and global networks needed to advance their organizations, causes and communities. The forum also encourages inter-hub collaboration to continue the cross-cultural exchange and learning, create dynamic platforms of engagement, and to provide innovative development and support. YCI is a one week session which includes intensive face to face training, global experience exchange, and professional networking. The Young Cultural Innovators 2016 session will be held in October at;  Schloss Leopoldskron Salzburg /Austria.

    Application form : (Click here to download)

    To complete the application process, please include a curriculum vitae and a personal statement. All documents should be submitted in English.

    The deadline for this application is: 25 JUNE 2016

    Please send you application to:


  • 06.09.2016

    AADF Chairman Granoff Interview on Opinion TV Klan, Albania (part two)

  • 06.09.2016

    AADF Chairman Granoff Interview on Opinion TV Klan, Albania (part one)

  • 06.06.2016

    Open lecture by Chairman Granoff at the University of Tirana

    Open lecture by Chairman Granoff at the University of Tirana

    Tirana, June 6th 2016, Albanian- American Development Foundation (AADF) in collaboration with Faculty of Economy of University of Tirana organized an Open Lecture at the premises of Faculty of Economy, held by Mr. Michael D. Granoff, Chairman of the AADF Board of Trustees. During the lecture, Mr. Granoff shared insights related to Albanian and world economy such as: a) past activity of Albanian-American Enterprise Fund (AAEF) and the current work through Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF); b) discussion on the World Economy Forum, Davos and c) perspective on the presidential elections in USA. The event closed with a Q&A Session for Mr. Michael D. Granoff.

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  • 06.06.2016

    Presentation of the Service of Electronic Identity Card

    Presentation of the Service of Electronic Identity Card

    Tirana, June 6th 2016, Mr. Michael Granoff, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at AADF held an opening remark at the presentation on electronic identification with the topic “Biometric Security for Notary Services”, at the premises of Ministry of Justice.. Mr. Jean-Alain Jouan, CEO of ALEAT, a consortium of AAEF and Morpho, and Mrs. Mimoza Sadushi, Director of Notary Chamber signing the MoU on biometric identification and authentication of parties in notary services. The Notary Albanian Register (which is an automated management system of notarial acts and their processes) through this new project will enable integration with the platform e-ALEAT and in these conditions it will undergo a series of additional functions.

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  • 05.10.2016

    AADF Board Member, Mr. Douglas Carlston Visits Albania

    AADF Board Member Douglas Carlston visited Albania during first week of May. During this visit, Douglas met with Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi, Minister Eglantina Gjermeni, Mayor of Shkodra Voltana Ademi and Minister Mirela Kumbaro. A meeting was reserved with LEAD Albania Alumni and Fellows as well as with AADF senior staff. He also greeted the JA Albania “Student Company Fair & Competition”. The Deputy Mayor of Tirana joined Douglas to inspect the progress with TID Tirana.  He also visited the Albanian Alps and the National Museum of Photography Marubi.

    Staff Meeting 2 Staff Meeting 1

    Douglas attending the meeting with senior staff

    Black Cave 1 Black Cave 2

    Visit @ Black Cave – A team of Italian speleologists, archeologists, photographers, and scientists started to analyze and map the entire cave in 3D. With the support of AADF, and the Ministry of Urban Development, the Black Cave in the Village of Pellumbas is expected to be one of the leading tourist attractions for Tirana in the next couple of years.

    TID Tirana

    Site Visit @ TID Tirana – Douglas with Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Arbjan Mazniku, inspected the construction area.


    Meeting with LEAD Albania ALUMNI and Fellows organized at Protik Center. Douglas shared with participants his experience on best practices from similar Alumni networks and its views on the functioning of the Alumni Network.

    JA 1 JA 2

    JA event “Student Company Fair & Competition” – During his greeting speech, Douglas mentioned that the AADF will continue to support Junior Achievement programs in Albania and the important role and benefits that business has in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship education among youth.

    Meeting with V.Ademi ROL_9888

    Meeting with the Mayor of Shkodra, Mrs. Voltana Ademi, and a visit to the BID area which coincided with a popular public event (Flower Day).

    Marubi ROL_0002 ROL_9961

    Visit @ new building of the National Museum of Photography Marubi with Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro.