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Signed the MoU for the establishment of Cultural Heritage Imaging Unit

Today was signed the Memorandum of Understanding between Albanian – American Development Foundation (AADF) and the Ministry of Culture for the establishment of Cultural Heritage Imaging Unit in the framework of the project financed by AADF “Expanding access, sharing content- Empowering Museums through technology”.  During the ceremony, the AADF Chairman of the Board Michael Granoff and Minister of Culture Elva Margariti, emphasized the special focus that the digitalization process for cultural heritage and museums should have in terms of research and conservation, promotion and education.

After a successful first evaluation phase, the second phase of the project is designed to build the digital knowledge foundation and infrastructure through the Cultural Heritage Imaging Unit and will include as well an extended training program for museums professionals and digital documentation of 2 national museum’s collections, The National Museum of Iconography Onufri of Berat and the National Museum of Medieval Art in Korca.

The Cultural Heritage Imaging Unit will be integrated at South-Eastern European Regional Center for Conservation and Restoration, under Institute of Cultural Monuments, and will help museums nationwide to benefit from the ongoing technological developments, based on the best international practice and expertise, by providing long-term sustainable solution for cultural heritage documentation in Albania.