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Study Tour in Vilnius, TID Korca & TID Gjirokastra

Local business associations TID Korça and TID Gjirokastra, represented by high rank officals of Municipalities, business managers and non-for-profit organization’s administrators, from the 15th till the 19th of July, visited the capital city of Lithuania. Vilnius among other things is well known as an avant-garde city when it comes to local development projects. The Study Tour financed by the Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) was organized in collaboration with the ROCK Project managers (Regeneration and Optimization of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities) at the Vilnius Municipality and the Development Agency Go Vilnius. During the time spent in the Baltic country, the participants exchanged experiences regarding subjects like the revitalization of historical centers and their better management, the developing of digital oriented projects in support of life quality improvement, the transformation of former industrial areas into hubs of urban arts and alternative music. The AADF, as supportive component to entrepreneurship projects BID/TIDs, organizes study visits for the associations, aiming the enrichment of the local business environment through knowing and confronting with different professional experiences in other European cities.