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TID Kruja Update Meeting

A meeting took place between Minister of Urban Development, Ms. Eglantina Gjermeni, Mayor of Kruja, Mr. Artur Bushi and the AADF Co-CEOs, Mr. Martin Mata and Mr. Aleksander Sarapuli. The TID Kruja project was the focus of the discussion with a focus on the completion of the first restoration phase sponsored by the AADF. The cooperation between stakeholders was evaluated and the next steps of the collaboration were discussed.

The meeting continued with discussions which included members of the TID Kruja Association regarding progress made and concrete goals for the support and consolidation of the TID association. A presentation was given by the Cultural Heritage without Borders organization addressing the 13-month consultancy which would be offered to bazaar artisans in Kruja in order to help improve the quality of their products.

A trip was taken to the TID zone in the Old Bazaar to see the artisanal work of the vendors and to learn about recent developments in the area.

The AADF is currently implementing the other components of the project including: consultancy services for artisans of Kruja to increase their capacity for producing local products, small grants for purchasing equipment to produce local products, an informational office for tourists, signage for tourists and security cameras in the Bazaar are, and support of strengthening the TID Kruja association.