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Work Inspection in TID Tirana New Bazaar

On Thursday September 29th, Mr. Michael Granoff, the Chairman of AADF’s Board and Mr. Erion Veliaj, the Mayor of Tirana, inspected the construction work in TID Tirana New Bazaar and “Avni Rustemi” square.

This project provides mechanisms that enhance and appreciate property value, improve infrastructure and includes and promotes local community in decision making. In addition, an important role of the project includes the establishment and strengthening of partnerships in improving the quality of public services. In this major project, AADF contributes up to $2.5 million that includes the project design and implementation of the surrounding area of “Avni Rustemi” square.

The event was immediately followed by the presentation of the Management Plan by The MEANS, a UK based company that specializes in place making consultancy and management of public services. The company presented their key research findings from the project.